Happy Kids

We love kids riding and racing

Our aim is to promote kids on bikes.  Perhaps that means kids riding in the park with parents. Maybe it could mean skills sessions at the local mountain bike trail or bmx park.  Or it could mean teaching kids how to go fast. There are programs for everyone.

Why this site?

It's tremendously  difficult to find specific information on how to get into cycling.  Where does one start?  Who should one talk to?  Are there programs where you can drop your kid off just like hockey?  We hope this site can become a solid collection of every useful site in Canada that gets kids riding.

We know cycling is safe, we know it's great for us, so let's get the kids on their bikes and grow our sport.

Who's behind this?

Currently this site is a one person show but I'm looking for help.  Reach out if you want to assist in any way.


Rob MacEwen

Terrible Cyclist. Father of two kids.

Contact us

Let me know if you've got any feedback, or need us to change a listing. Any reason at all, just contact us.