Eastern Ontario Cyclocross Series
Ottawa Valley, Ontario
The Eastern CX Series are a set of several races run in the Ottawa Valley

This series has been run for years and years by Bob Woods. The races are run in several locations. They are very accessible and friendly towards brand new and youth racers. The races are low key and affordable.

In order to get involved, email Bob Wood directly, or simply register online to race.

  • The current race series is in the following locations.
  • Calabogie Peaks
  • Renfrew Fairgrounds (Madison Races)
  • Ma-te-Way Park, Renfrew
  • Lamoureux Park, Cornwall
  • Logos Land, Cobden
  • Conlon Farm Park, Perth
  • Fort Henry, Kingston
  • Alfred Taylor Rec Centre, North Gower
  • Gemmill Park, Almonte
  • Upper Canada Village, Morrisburg
Paris to Ancaster
385 Jerseyville Rd W, Hamilton, ON L9G 5C3
L9G 5C3
Paris to Ancaster is a mass cycling event with a distance for everyone.

For over a century the roads of northern Europe have been home to the toughest bicycle races in the world. The most famous of these, Paris to Roubaix, takes place each spring over brutal cobblestone roads that have been preserved in their historic condition for over 100 years. Inspired by this classic race, the Paris to Ancaster has taken place for the past twenty three years over the roughest farm lanes, trails and gravel roads we can find. Combined with unpredictable spring weather and the largest field of riders assembled in Canada, it has become a classic race experience for everyone from average riders to Canadian Olympians.

P2A does have some shorter distances appropriate for new youth riders including a Kids race.

Simply select a distance and register online.

Trailblazers Alberta
The Flexxaire Trailblazers Youth Racing program was developed in early 2013 as a means of encouraging youth of all ages and abilities to try competitive mountain biking. The aim of the program is to make mountain bike racing fully accessible to youth across the Province of Alberta.

In early 2013, youth development was targeted as one of the ABA’s most important Strategic Objectives in the next five years and beyond. Since youth participation at Alberta Cup Provincial Series races has generally been very low, it was identified that the youth needed a series of their own focused on fun and inclusivity. This led to the development of the Trailblazers Youth Racing program. The proposed series identifies several key principles that will be the focal point for attracting new riders to the sport. They are:

FUN.  keeping the experience positive so youth continue to come back
  taking down every possible barrier to entry for youth of all ages and abilities
  giving youth the choice to choose a race that suits their specific abilities

(780) 427-6352